Permit Search

Select from one of the three search types to the right.

To search by application number, choose the year of the application and then enter the application number. This should appear at the top of your printed permit.

To search by location, enter as much as you know of the location address. The search will try to find any matches that contain your search terms. An entry of "1400" only will dipsplay up to 100 matches of properties that have "1400" in the street number. A search of both "1400" and "Park" will narrow down the search only to those addresses on "Park" that contain "1400" in the street number.

If you have a PIN number (Phone Access Code), you may type it in in the third search to try to find a specific permit.

Property Search

Note: On your printed permit, the first two digits of your permitnumber represent the year, and those after the dash are the permit number. For example, if your permit reads "01-2325", search by year 2001 and permit number 2325.